Are Chinese Religious Rituals Threatened by Porkflation?

By Tong Wing Cheong, Pan Yi Chieh

December 2023 FEATURE
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IN PENANG, where there is a large percentage of ethnic Chinese, pork is an essential food. It is the community’s preferred protein source, and plays an important role in many of their cultural traditions and religious rituals. Naturally, the surge in the price of pork to unprecedented levels in the past two years has dealt a heavy blow to the Chinese public, from small industry players to religious adherents.Small Pork Vendors and Pig FarmersEstablished in 1927, the Penang Pig Slaughter...

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Tong Wing Cheong

graduated from the National University of Tainan in Taiwan and enjoys observing and documenting local Chinese folk beliefs, customs and traditional crafts.

Pan Yi Chieh

is a research analyst at Penang Institute who was born in Taiwan but now lives in Penang. She is proud to be nurtured by the two beautiful islands she regards as home.