A Brief History of 123 Macalister

By Au Tai Yeow

December 2021 FEATURE
main image
Front view of the property.
The 109.38-hectare (ha) George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) contains more than 1,700 buildings, making it the largest collection of pre-war buildings in Southeast Asia. Its buffer zone is even larger, measuring 150.04ha and containing over 2,700 buildings any further developmental proposal for which must be referred to the local authorities.Furthermore, outside the city are over 100 privately-owned buildings listed by the State Committee for a Heritage Inventory during the early 1990s.1One of the major roads leading out of...

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Au Tai Yeow

T.Y. Au, an established architect in Penang, intends to channel his inner Bukowski and Sartre in his writings on George Town, its history and architecture.