If You Love Eating Bamboo Shoots, Try Ones You Forage Yourself

By Ong Ke Shin

December 2023 FEATURE
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DURING THE PANDEMIC lockdown, when the supply of fresh vegetables was badly disrupted, I took to foraging. I discovered some edible greens in my neighbourhood, and this was supplemented by bamboo shoots gathered and gifted to me by our generous Hakka neighbours and friends.Our Hakka friend, Madam Lye, who grew up on the hillsides of Paya Terubong, recollects the bamboo shoot season with fondness. “In those days, life was tough; two or three bamboo shoots could feed our family of...

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Ong Ke Shin

is a biologist turned geographer who finds joy in experimenting with food and cherishing the diverse wildlife that rhythmically calls on her home garden.