The British-Siamese Boundary Stone: A Momentous Relic in Seberang Perai

By Johnson Lee Chong Fatt, Tan Lii Inn

October 2021 FEATURE
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IN THE SMALL town of Pinang Tunggal towards the northeast corner of Seberang Perai Utara district stands the over-a-century-old British-Siamese Boundary Stone. Very few people knew of its existence or significance until 1989, when the mechanic Ai Chop An Chian stumbled on it, mistaking it for “controls for irrigation gates”. The wordings "British and Siamese Boundary" was carved on it, and upon further inspection, he was surprised to see also accompanying lines in the Thai script.1This discovery prompted an exploration...

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Johnson Lee Chong Fatt

is a dedicated tutor who teaches Mandarin and Thai. He loves travelling and often leads tours to find inspiration.

Tan Lii Inn

graduated with a Master’s Degree from Korea University. He is currently an analyst at Penang Institute.