Vocational Studies Can Revive Traditional Trades and Heritage Gems

By Bernard Loke

January 2023 FEATURE
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Source: Bernard Loke.
MALAYSIAN FAMILIES are typically accustomed to thinking that vocational studies are designed for students who do not excel in a classroom setting – and the classroom-based academic approach which predominates Malaysian education does not help. This social stigma continues to widen the disconnect between academic and vocational education.Vocational training is typically geared towards fields such as construction, automation, fashion design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and cosmetology, and is, in truth, an integral component in the education system. It is a...

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Bernard Loke

recently ventured into the oil and gas industry after an eventful tenure as a Special Officer for government officials. With a forte in communications, he emcees, writes and is passionate about the creative economy and Taekwondo, earning his black belt at the tender age of 12.