September 2014 COVER STORY

Making federalism REAL

If we can strike the right balance with federalism, we may just be able to strengthen Malaysia. But where and how should we start?

Also in this issue


From China with Love

Marco Ferrarese talks to fellow writer Ewe Paik Leong about the young, seductive women from mainland China who flood our shores in search of an easy buck.


No easy task to educate

When Alina Amir gets thrown into a classroom full of rowdy 13-year-olds, she finds that teaching can be a Herculean task.


Charcoal Makers of Kampung Keluat

In a small village in Kelantan, folks turn wood to charcoal in igloo-shaped kilns. Photographer Chris Jung documents their work.


Putting all into the job

We find out what it takes to run a bureau tasked with taking tourism to a higher level when we speak to Ooi Geok Ling, the managing director of Penang Global Tourism.


Grooving for animals

This October, animal lovers can support their furry friends and, at the same time, enjoy good music at the World Animal Groove music festival in Kuching.


Are you buying slavery?

Malaysia recently slipped down to Tier 3 on the US Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report. How much do you know about this crime, and are you inadvertently buying slavery?


Leaning on no man

Gender inequality is sometimes unquestioned and undetected by even the most modern of minds. At a recent Lean In workshop in Penang, participants were encouraged to voice their concerns about the challenges faced by women.


Improving medicine through trial

It's not about lab rats. As a matter of fact, rodents do not feature in clinical trials at all. Researcher Ch'ng Chin Chin speaks to experts to uncover clinical research.


Why such fear of unity?

Negara-ku – a movement that aims to promote unity, peace and harmony, and oppose racism, hatred, extremism and violence – has been vilified by certain quarters from the day of its inception.


For whom Malaysia’s highways toll

The stakes are high in the highway business. We reveal who owns what.


When Penang became a Spice Island

Nutmegs and cloves were once worth more than their weight in gold, and so Penang got on the bandwagon.


Gentrification-but with the right twist

Gentrification can be a double-edged sword, but can be mitigated by putting the interests of the local community first.


Musical wizard returns to the promise of paint

Datuk M. Nasir is not only a legend in music and film; he also dabbles in paint – and with great sensitivity and skill.