October 2014 COVER STORY

Malaysia’s special role in the South China Sea

We take a look at the South China Sea situation and assess the pivotal role that we can potentially play.

Also in this issue


A brewery of cultures

At Antarabangsa in George Town, the mingling of cultures takes place at the bottom of a beer bottle.


An afternoon at the Malaysian Tamil barbershop

Ubiquitous in many Malaysian cities and towns, the Tamil barbershop is where folks of all races gather for their haircuts,
and a piece of life.


The dedicated carver

The last of the master carvers, we document Kok Ah Wah's delicate trade.


A fusion of art

The "Palette Mix – a Fusion of Art" retreat brings together aspiring local architects, designers, photographers and writers to reimagine George Town’s public spaces and structures.


Garbage City of Cairo

Just outside the hustle and bustle of Cairo lies an entirely different world, and a community that makes a living out of


No nuclear power please, we are Malaysians

While many governments are moving towards renewable energy sources, Malaysia seems bent on going nuclear.


Making Penang a slave-free state

Penang is not immune to human trafficking, but there are dedicated people involved in trying to eradicate this vice.


URGENTLY NEEDED: Reform of Malaysia’s regime police

The practices and culture of the Royal Malaysian Police often reveal the trademarks of a regime police – a police that answers to the government in power.


Taking education outside the school

While our education system has yet to shift its focus to Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM), learning centres fill the gap.


Stateless in Sabah

A large number of Sabah’s inhabitants are saddled with a complicated legal status. They have been tolerated by locals albeit with some disdain, but of late, tension has been mounting.


Anuar Rashid is back... again... for now

Malaysian Art's prodigal son is back at his former brilliance, only much greater and with sublime consciousness.


Eight bountiful acres

Make a trip of fruitful discovery at 8 Acres, a tranquil getaway in Pahang, and prepare to have a fill of nature and her bounty.


Highlights of George Town Festival 2014

We take a look at what worked (and what didn't) at George Town Festival 2014.