December 2014 COVER STORY

A history of local elections in Penang Part II: A legacy to protect

Turmoil in the 1960s spelled the end of local government elections in Penang, and throughout a fledgling Malaysia. Find out more about what transpired in the second part of our two-parter on local elections.

Also in this issue


Walking – and rocking – for animals

The World Animal Groove Festival, organised by the Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has Kuchingites walking and rocking for a good cause.


Ikebana finds tropical roots

Machiko Nakayama explains the simplicity behind the art of flower arrangement and neoclassical ikebana – the use of local flowers in the centuries old Japanese art.


Penang: From dawn to dusk

Freelance photographer Ivan Lim documents Penang from dawn till dusk and captures the natural – and rarely seen – beauty of his home state.


National Instruments – Helping Penang climb the expertise ladder

It might be hard times for many companies, but US company National Instruments looks to be having a growth spurt.


One million lives saved, and counting

With its one millionth medical device produced in its Penang facility, St Jude Medical is here to stay.


Is Lenggong the next hot tourist spot?

USM’s Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster and Centre for Archaeological Research is tasked to promote Lenggong Valley in Perak as a rich cultural and historical tourism destination, but progress is not as fast as it likes.


Does the AEC spell open season for skilled workers?

Is the Asean Economic Community (AEC) as good as it sounds?


Chronicling the peaceful Penans of Sarawak

Marco Ferrarese speaks to Paul Malone, who has documented the Penan plight in his book, The Peaceful People.


What does the ending of quantitative easing mean for Malaysia?

With the expiration of the US quantitative easing in October, Malaysia needs to find ways to improve its fiscal situation.


Balancing the Budget – Malaysia vs Germany

Achieving a balanced budget is not impossible – just ask the Germans.


Will the 50% stamp duty cut make a real difference?

Beginning January 1, a new policy will come in place to ease the rakyat's burden. But how much will the 50% rebate on stamp duty help first-time house buyers?


More money needed for proper healthcare

Budget 2015 has allocated RM23.3bil, or 8.5% of the total budget, to health, a marked increase from RM16.8bil (7.2%) in the previous year, but is this enough?


What can we obey if we cannot obey simple municipal rules?

Without proper civic consciousness, we cannot truly be proud of our cities.


The digital world belongs to the young

Youth Today, an online events platform, has over 20,000 subscribers. It reveals the way the world is moving for the youths of tomorrow.


The difficult art of raising artists

With the recent reunion of staff and students of the Kuala Lumpur College of Art, which closed down in 2002, Ooi Kok Chuen examines the realities of art education in Malaysia.