Embracing A.I.

By Ng Peng Zui, Timothy Choy, Tim Niklas Schoepp

January 2018 COVER STORY
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Growth may await Penang in the short term, but adapting to Industry 4.0 has to happen now.According to the World Bank, Malaysia’s economic growth will continue at a moderate pace over the next two years. This goes together with the bank’s expectation of lower capital expenditure growth in Malaysia.Campaign period in Malaysia can get rather overzealous.The country’s 2018’s budget deficit is expected to hit 2.8% of GDP (vs. 3% in 2017), and higher expenditure will be offset by an increase...

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Ng Peng Zui

interned with the Economic Studies Programme at Penang Institute. His interest in observing economic and political phenomena stemmed from backpacking in India.

Timothy Choy

is an economic analyst at Penang Institute. He reminisces the good old days when McD sold popcorn.

Tim Niklas Schoepp

is a visiting analyst in Economics at Penang Institute.