A Whiter Shade of Apricot

By Lim Sok Swan, Pan Yi Chieh

December 2017 FEATURE
main image
Goh Lean Chin selling heng jin teh at the New Lane hawker centre.
Get to know the remarkable heng jin teh. You won’t regret it.With its unique aroma, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, heng jin teh has been a Penang favorite for decades and is usually taken together with eu char koay (fried dough stick). Widely misconceived as being made from almonds, the drink is boiled from apricot kernels, which are believed to ease coughs and soothe the digestive system.1Heng jin teh and eu char koay (fried dough stick).A classic...

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Lim Sok Swan

is currently focusing on heritage studies. She believes that more understanding among different groups and cultures can make Malaysia a better home for all.

Pan Yi Chieh

is a research analyst at Penang Institute who was born in Taiwan but now lives in Penang. She is proud to be nurtured by the two beautiful islands she regards as home.