You Can Eat Healthy in Penang

By Louise Goss-Custard

December 2017 FEATURE
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The easy availability of healthy dining options in Penang makes one feel less guilty for indulging in that extra plate of char koay teow.Penang is deservedly famous for its street food, but street food is not especially famous for being healthy. As obesity and diabetes become more prevalent in the country, an increasing number of Penangites are looking to dine out healthily – at least some of the time.But aiming to eat healthily sometimes seems a daunting task, not only...

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Louise Goss-Custard

is editor of the Penang Free Sheet (, co-organiser of Open Studios Penang, and a keen flautist who plays with Penang’s best Irish band, the DramBand (www.facebook. com/DramBandPenang) and several local orchestras.