A Snack Well Worth Waiting For

By Koay Su Lyn, Ooi Kok Hin

December 2017 FEATURE
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Ban chien kuih.
These delicacies can be enjoyed at breakfast, tea or supper and with its crust thin and crispy, or thick and satisfying.It tastes best when cooked with charcoal.The origin of the pancake’s name in Penang is based on its Hokkien pronunciation, “ban chien”, meaning “slow-cooked” in English. To be sure, the time it spends on the pan is rather lengthy, especially if you are hungrily waiting for it.The snack can be found at roadside stalls or at morning and night markets...

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Koay Su Lyn

reads and writes of the past to make sense of the present. She is a research analyst in the History and Heritage Programme of Penang Institute.

Ooi Kok Hin

is an INTP who lives to write and writes to live. Follow him at https:// www.facebook.com/ ooikokhin.