Bridging Distance and Ideology through Art

By Ooi Kok Chuen

September 2017 PENANG PALETTE
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One for the album. Altogether for the opening ceremony.
Recent years have seen a strengthening of Malaysia-China ties through art.It was a dog day afternoon with the mercury level crunching at 360℃, despite the “cooling” lake surrounds of Liaoning’s Celebrity Island. In the courtyard promenade fronting the newly christened Li Chi Mao Art Gallery, another auspicious rite of forging Malaysia-China cultural relations was being enacted.There, the “Belt and Road” art link exhibition virtually blasted off with a six-cannon salute, officiated by Deputy Malaysian Ambassador John Samuel, on July 12,...

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Ooi Kok Chuen

is an art-writer and journalist, and the author of MAHSURI: A Legend Reborn (Ooi Peeps Publishing), an adult contemporary fantasy “movel” (a novel conceived as a mock movie) spun from a local legend.