PSDC 3.0 - bridging the gap between Policy-making and industrial needs

By Poh Heem Heem

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Upgrading human capital is an endless process, especially in industrial hubs such as Penang. The talent pool has to improve and remain competitive. At its latest strategy meeting, the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) had to act after discovering that worrisome old issues are still as relevant as ever.IN MARCH 2010, members of the PSDC Management Council were in Phuket for its highly important bi-annual Offsite Meeting. Such gatherings are now a tradition and are held in quiet retreats away...

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Poh Heem Heem

is senior manager for Special Projects and Consultancy at the PSDC. The PITRS is a special project designed as an inhouse document for limited circulation. The key findings have been summarised here by her team members, Richard Ho and Tan Yin Hooi.