A Venue for a Culture City

By Adeline Chua

July 2017 FEATURE
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Dewan Sri Pinang
But to fly higher, Dewan Sri Pinang will need some wind beneath her wings.Since 1972, Dewan Sri Pinang has stood as a monument of modernist architecture along Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah. It has acted as host to almost everything – from conferral of state titles to funerals of public figures; from international theatre productions to wedding dinners.The 45-year-old building stands on grounds once owned by one of Penang’s famous families: the Khaws. Khaw Soo Cheang, the family patriarch, arrived...

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Adeline Chua

is a writer and educator. She has trained her keen eye on local curiosities, documenting cultures in word and image as they form, converge or disintegrate. Find more of her work at adelinechua.contently.com.