Making Little Changes Matter In Penang

By Poh Heem Heem

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Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, launched the Shared Networks and the Shared Services Centre.
The Shared Services Centre in Penang has now been launched. If things work out as planned, and if industry players are bold and wise enough, the centre will catapult economic development in the state into the next level.From concept to reality, Phase 1 of the Shared Services Centre was realised in 18 months.Popular perception of Penang’s economy had for some time been that it had stagnated. Well-wishers have wondered, “How has Penang been doing?”Well, at best, Penang had been retaining...

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Poh Heem Heem

is senior manager for Special Projects and Consultancy at the PSDC. The PITRS is a special project designed as an inhouse document for limited circulation. The key findings have been summarised here by her team members, Richard Ho and Tan Yin Hooi.