A Short History of The Khoo Kongsi

By Yong Check Yoon

December 2010 FEATURE
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The Khoo Kongsi building complex is one of Penang’s major iconic structures. Despite that, its history is not widely known. Yong Check Yoon provides us with a brief history of this majestic place.The name Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (LSTKK) means Dragon Mountain Hall Khoo Clan Association. As with most of the early clan associations, the kongsi building is surrounded by rows of houses – 24 of them on four sides – which belong to the clan. It has three passageways leading...

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Yong Check Yoon

is a former journalist who is now an editor for Universiti Sains Malaysia alumni magazine The Leader. He has been researching and contributing articles on Penang culture and history since the 1980s.