The First Penang In Asia Lecture Series

By Selvarani Suppiah, Marisa Heah

September 2011 SERI TALKS
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Malaysia must improve its education system and also empower the states By Marisa HeahPROF DATO WONG WING THYE, professor at University of California at Davis and chair of the international economic advisory panel to the Penang state government, was the first speaker at Penang Institute’s Penang in Asia Lecture Series on July 29, 2011 at the Wawasan Open University.In June, the International Monetary Fund issued a downward revision of its global economic growth forecast of April 2011 to show smaller growth...

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Selvarani Suppiah

is a former journalist and currently works in the Communications Department of a private higher education institution in Penang.

Marisa Heah

is currently whiling away her precious summer days at Penang Institute before entering her third year in MA Honours Financial Economics at the University of St Andrews.