Towards a post-racialist Malaysia

By Ooi Kee Beng

February 2010 EDITORIAL
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Yes, it is time for change in Malaysia. And with the advent of church burnings, time may be running out. At the same time, what is it that must change, and why only now? To start with, let us look at the immediate conditions. The electoral results of March 8, 2008, were a direct though largely unanticipated response to the steady deterioration of accountability in government, the rising income gap, and the flagrant undermining of the country's once reputable institutions....

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Ooi Kee Beng

is the Executive Director of Penang Institute. His recent books include The Eurasian Core and its Edges: Dialogues with Wang Gungwu on the History of the World (ISEAS 2016). Homepage: