Priced off Penang: Who can afford an island home?

By Jeffrey Hardy Quah

September 2010 COVER STORY
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Penang state is divided into five districts: Northeast, Southwest, Northern Seberang Perai, Central Seberang Perai and Southern Seberang Perai. Only Northeast and Southwest are located on the island.
New residential projects on Penang Island seem priced to suit either the rich or the poor. Finding an affordable home on the island is becoming impossible for those in the middle income bracket, especially those who are single. Are wealthy foreigners to blame, or greedy developers, or outmoded guidelines? Or are Penangites simply spoiled?Property prices in Penang have skyrocketed in recent years, particularly in the northeastern region of the island, and young Penangites now face the prospect of renting, or...

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Jeffrey Hardy Quah

is a freelance writer and editor.