EMC lab to encourage product designing

By Poh Heem Heem

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A much needed test facility is now available at the Shared Services Centre run by the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC). Funded by the federal government, this Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratory will cut costs for all parties and encourage local companies to venture boldly into product design.From september 2010 onwards, Penang can boast an EMC laboratory of its own. This cutting edge technology determines whether or not a new electronic product design may generate or transmit unintended electromagnetic energy that...

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Poh Heem Heem

is senior manager for Special Projects and Consultancy at the PSDC. The PITRS is a special project designed as an inhouse document for limited circulation. The key findings have been summarised here by her team members, Richard Ho and Tan Yin Hooi.