Death and the undertaker

By Daniel Lee, Daniel Lim

February 2011 A DAY IN THE LIFE
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Mention death and many become visibly disturbed, expecting the spectre of the reaper to hover over their shoulders. Death has always been a taboo topic, especially so in Asian societies. (Daniel Lim)
When a family mourns a loved one recently departed, there is no greater help than that offered by the undertaker. pem talks to Ooi Thean Choo, a funeral director whose experiences have made him ever more philosophical and caring.OOI THEAN CHOO, aka Ah Seng, is a soft -spoken, easygoing man who makes a living out of death. “I’ve been working as a funeral director for more than 20 years now. Though many in this profession inherit it as a family...

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Daniel Lee

Daniel Lim

is a research officer with seri and a full-time explorer and self-indulgent hobbyist.