Welcoming the old and disabled to Penang

By Khor Hung Teik

March 2010 FEATURE
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For the distant traveler, Penang is unique to the region. It is not like Phuket or Pulau Perhentian where sun, surf and sea are the attractions, or like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, where urban life pulsates late into the night. Penang is somewhere inbetween. It is a small city with some beaches and some shopping malls. What it offers are homeliness, good food, in-your-face history, and serenity for the soul. With proper planning, it can easily make tourists with disabilities...

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Khor Hung Teik

is a manager at the Penang Institute and has been tracking practical and workable green practices since 2000. He has also authored manuals on household composting and initiated several community composting projects in Penang.