Trying to unmask Khoo Sui Hoe

By Ooi Kok Chuen

main image
Self Portrait at 35, oil on canvas, 1995, 61cm x 51cm.
In the words of an ardent admirer, the unfathomable Khoo Sui Hoe has been creating “a cosmos populated with myths, tantalising messages, fascinating beasts, people and himself – transfigured in spontaneous imagery and creative morphology.” After a lifetime travelling the world, this highly creative artist has been using Penang as his base since 2004.He’s the painting himself. He’s all over the canvases, one way or the other, there in personifications or in his worldview projections which come out in careless...

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Ooi Kok Chuen

art-writer and journalist, is the author of MAHSURI: A Legend Reborn (Ooi Peeps Publishing), an adult contemporary fantasy “movel” (a novel conceived as a mock movie) spun from a local legend.