Rocking For Our Rights

By Daniel Lee, Neoh Lik Chuen

May 2011 FEATURE
main image
The frontman of indie punk band Maharajah Commission in action.
With the elections around the corner, a group of musicians got together to spread the word on what our rights really are.WHAT BETTER WAY TO reach the masses, especially young adults, than through music? Bob Dylan did it, through his own brand of folk music. Bob Marley made dreadlocks cool and got everyone to sing and stand up for their rights. Even Rage Against the Machine did it with its own brand of cathartic release.So it came as no surprise...

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Daniel Lee

Neoh Lik Chuen

is a freelance writer who is passionate about Penang and supports the local music scene. She enjoys arts, culture, a hearty meal and a good laugh.