Garbage graves of Penang

By Khor Hung Teik

February 2011 FEATURE
main image
The Jelutong dumpsite.
Most of us are happily unaware of where our garbage goes after leaving our bins. Very few of us on the island know that our rubbish takes a sea cruise from the Batu Maung Waste Transfer Station on barges to their final resting place on the mainland; or the fact that there are actually three garbage graves – two landfills and one dumpsite in Penang.Different graves for different wastesThe Jelutong dumpsite (20ha) was started in the 1970s and was initially...

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Khor Hung Teik

is a manager at the Penang Institute and has been tracking practical and workable green practices since 2000. He has also authored manuals on household composting and initiated several community composting projects in Penang.