Hoy Cheong the Art-ivist

By Ooi Kok Chuen

main image
A spoof of Anna and the King in his Maid In Malaysia Series for the Taipei mrt.
A sign of a dynamic artist, especially today, lies in the difficulty others have in describing him. Penang’s Wong Hoy Cheong is definitely such a person. He works equally freely in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world. And he is sought after anywhere in the world.Playing For A Dying Mother, based on a painting by Puvis de Chavannes, for the Lyons Biennial in 2008.HE MAY NOT HAVE done a painting in 20 years, but his art is still travelling...

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Ooi Kok Chuen

is an art-writer and journalist, and the author of MAHSURI: A Legend Reborn (Ooi Peeps Publishing), an adult contemporary fantasy “movel” (a novel conceived as a mock movie) spun from a local legend.