The Vast Potential of Gender Responsive Budgeting

By James Lochhead

April 2011 FEATURE
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Governance is more than being transparent, accountable and competent. It is about allocation of resources as well. Apart from issues of fairness, the use of limited resources has to be judged through efficacy; hence you need clear goals in your budgeting. One parameter that should be prioritised is gender; since policies cannot help but affect men and women differently.PENANG'S AMBITION TO BE an international city has a number of implications and Penang’s Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng has acknowledged the...

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James Lochhead

has been involved with a wide variety of initiatives in Penang since 1980. These include initiatives related to local democracy, gender equality, arts and creativity, child protection, human trafficking, and work with migrant and refugee communities. He was one of the original team for the Gender Responsive Budgeting project, started under Penang Women's Development Corporation in 2011.