Paradise Being Lost, All Is Not Well on Penang’s Beaches

By Jeffrey Hardy Quah, Marisa Heah

September 2011 COVER STORY
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Penang may never have had the best beaches in the region, but what had been there is being lost, and not only because of overpopulation, overdevelopment, the global economic crisis or climate change. The peace and tranquillity that visitors seek seem a thing of the past now. Although the story is a complicated one, Malaysia’s general vagueness in jurisdiction and weakness in law enforcement seem to be the major culprits.“YOU CANNOT SIT HERE, I just realised that,” Juergen Bosch says, looking...

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Jeffrey Hardy Quah

is a freelance writer and editor.

Marisa Heah

is currently whiling away her precious summer days at Penang Institute before entering her third year in MA Honours Financial Economics at the University of St Andrews.