Yachting Awaits Development in Penang

By Herbert Poenisch, Oh Kean Shen

November 2011 FEATURE
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Penang’s rich history evokes images of well-known seafarers, such as Zheng He, Sir James Lancaster and Captain Francis Light, yet most modern Penangites are disinterested in boating. The international boating industry is a highly lucrative one and PEM looks at whether Penang has the right ingredients to become a regional boating hub.When you gaze out over the sea around Penang, there is emptiness, the absence of boats of various shapes and sizes, save for the ubiquitous ferries, the occasional fishing...

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Herbert Poenisch

is a retired senior economist at the Bank for International Settlements.

Oh Kean Shen

is the managing director of Pen-Marine Sdn Bhd.