Developing The Hill Is An Uphill Climb

By Ong Siou Woon, Mohd Firdaus Habib Mohd

February 2012 FEATURE
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The luxuriant backdrop that Penang’s central hill range provides, hits any visitor to the island immediately. It softens much of the haphazard development that happens on the flatlands. And so, Penang lovers love Penang Hill most deeply. Developing the hill is therefore not something to be attempted by the meek, or the overly ambitious.Penang Hill remains one of the state’s more politically sensitive issues today. With renewed development efforts coming under fire from activists and the press, this is not...

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Ong Siou Woon

is the Chief Operating Officer of Penang Institute. This YSEALI alumnus was trained in urban planning and she finds learning about nature and food a never-ending journey.

Mohd Firdaus Habib Mohd

is a research analyst at the Penang Institute and has participated in various projects involving urban planning, local governance and housing. He is currently pursuing his Phd in Ecotourism.