Saying It With Food - The Culinary Heritage of Penang’s Jawi Peranakan

By Wazir Jahan Karim

February 2012 FEATURE
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What’s culture without cuisine? And what better cuisine than that which developed through the fusion of varied culinary tastes? The dynamic life of the Straits Settlements could not but generate exquisite foods for transcending barriers.History, kinship and familyThe Jawi Peranakan was the most visible hybrid Straits Muslim community in the Straits Settlements during the colonial era. In lifestyle and material culture, they complemented the historic community of the Straits Chinese—the early Peranakan community. The Jawi Peranakan community comprised families descended...

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Wazir Jahan Karim

is the executive director of Intersocietal and Scientific (Inas) and advisor for Muslim Affairs in Penang Heritage Trust. She is also the author of Penang Muslim Culinary Heritage that will be published in early 2012.