Continuing A 125-year-old Internationalisation Strategy

By Poh Heem Heem

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For January 2012, our Faces of Industrial Penang series continues with Michael Kloss of Robert Bosch Malaysia. Having served in Bosch for nearly two decades, he is a veteran of the expatriate talent circle with global placements spanning Europe, Mexico and Asia. Kloss offers us a range of insights on key approaches and winning formulas from within the boardroom and operations framework of a distinguished MNC. He also seizes the moment to share with us his enthusiasm and vision for...

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Poh Heem Heem

is senior manager for Special Projects and Consultancy at the PSDC. The PITRS is a special project designed as an inhouse document for limited circulation. The key findings have been summarised here by her team members, Richard Ho and Tan Yin Hooi.