Angkor Wat – Heaven on Earth

By Sumitra Selvaraj

April 2013 FEATURE
main image
Steep stairs leading up to the central sanctuary in Angkor Wat.
Pushy tour groups, persistent souvenir sellers and the searing heat may threaten your sanity, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can take away from the jaw-dropping grandeur of the temples of Angkor. And with a little careful planning, it is possible to escape far from the maddening crowd to find a quiet nook and trace the footsteps of ancient god-kings.Four out of over 3,000 apsaras carved into the walls of Angkor Wat.Carved corridor at Angkor Wat.From the ninth to the 12th century,...

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Sumitra Selvaraj

is a writer and television talk show executive producer. She is also known as @sareesandstories on Instagram, where she writes about her journey through the daily drape.