Pa Lungan is a balm for the soul

By Carolyn Hong

September 2013 GET AWAY
main image
Pa Lungan's misty hills in the early morning.
Steeped in history and nature, Pa Lungan in Sarawak is a perfect escape from crazed civilization.“Uh oh.”I looked in dismay at the three big logs wedged awkwardly over the river. Erosion had caused the log bridge to break free from its moorings. But it didn't faze Kelvin, my anthropologist friend, who crossed it with ease before hauling me up as I inched along the slippery mossy logs.Fortunately, that was the only broken bridge we encountered on the three-hour jungle trek...

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Carolyn Hong

lives in Ba Kelalan sometimes, in KL sometimes. A former journalist who once chased the big stories for a regional newspaper, she now hunts for the small stories in Malaysia’s smallest places.