Time for a second federation in Malaysia?

By Wong Chin Huat

September 2013 COVER STORY
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Malaysia has been blind to the adaptability of its sidelined federal heritage, and to how federalism can turbo-charge the country’s development.Syngman Rhee at a welcoming ceremony in Seoul, Korea, October 1945.Queen Elizabeth II.Malaysians tend to have a very rigid notion of nationhood. Many of us like to think that there was, there is and there shall always be only one country called Malaysia, structured the way it was from the beginning. Many of us fear changes to the structure of...

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Wong Chin Huat

A political scientist by training, Wong Chin Huat is a fellow at the Penang Institute and a Bersih 2.0 steering committee member. One of his recent hobbies is walking on the streets without notifying the police.