Carmageddon is not inevitable

By Pamela Nowicka

June 2013 FEATURE
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The tension between cars and cycles is certainly not a Penang thing. It is global, and solutions are therefore to be found globally. London, for example, managed to turn things around. So can Penang, and by doing that, it can become a model for East and West.London, 1983. I’m cycling down St John Street, a busy main road adjoining the city. Attempting to squeeze my bike alongside the cars, I tap the wing-mirror of a Mercedes. The driver glares furiously....

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Pamela Nowicka

An author and award-winning documentary maker with the BBC, Pamela Nowicka has been an evangelist for green issues for over three decades. As an investigative journalist she has written environmental and social justice stories for The Guardian, The Independent and The Times.