Bukit Brown activism- A race to save history

By Veronica Liew

November 2013 FEATURE
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With a motto that states “We guide rain or shine”, the Bukit Brown volunteers in Singapore are fighting against time to save a crucial piece of the island nation’s history.Standing amidst 173 acres of lush and undisturbed undergrowth in Bukit Brown, Singapore, one becomes aware of a sense of urgency in the air. A loose group of volunteers, a.k.a. Brownies, is in a race against time to save Bukit Brown and the graves of 3,746 pioneers from being cleared to...

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Veronica Liew

is a communications consultant based in KL (and occasionally Penang). A hobby photographer, freelance writer and bona fide Facebook addict, her favourite things to do while travelling are car-spotting, sitting beside large bodies of water and eating.