Ending Child Soldiering in Myanmar

By Su-Ann Oh

November 2013 FEATURE
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Myanmar is a beautiful country torn apart by economic strife and ethnic conflicts. In the middle of all this, young children are being recruited and used as soldiers.The Myanmar state army – the Tatmadaw – has discharged 176 child soldiers since September 2012 as part of the Joint Action Plan between the government and the UN in June the same year.This plan is aimed at preventing the Tatmadaw from enlisting and using underage recruits, as well as identifying, releasing and...

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Su-Ann Oh

is a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies whose research focuses on forced migration, education, exclusion, identity, the everyday experiences of refugees and displaced children, and the Thailand-Myanmar borderlands. She is currently writing a book on the lives of people living on the Thailand-Myanmar border.