Homeless in Penang

By Glory Nancy Viapude, Daniel Lim, Ong Ee Lynn

December 2013 FEATURE
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“I have been living on the streets for 15 years. Society does not want me anymore – they say that I’m too old. If I’m caught by the Welfare Department, they will put me away for three years or send me to an old folks’ home, where there is no freedom. Here, I can do anything I wish. I don’t need much. As long as I have my freedom and food, what else do I need? Moreover, at this age,...

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Glory Nancy Viapude

majored in developmental psychology. She is a KL-ite who has grown fond of Penang and its beauty.

Daniel Lim

is a research officer with seri and a full-time explorer and self-indulgent hobbyist.

Ong Ee Lynn