Asean’s response to Typhoon Haiyan

By Lee Khiam Jin

March 2014 FEATURE
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Typhoon Haiyan was a natural disaster on a catastrophic scale. How did ASEAN react to this, and how good were its humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts?At the end of October 2013, the Vietnamese government, together with the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre), successfully organised the ASEAN Disaster Emergency Response Simulation Exercise (ARDEX-13) in Hanoi’s Bavi district. The four-day civilian-military exercise, the largest in Asean, was last held in 2008 in Rayong, Thailand. Joined...

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Lee Khiam Jin

A former officer of the UN and ASEAN intergovernmental body, with a focus on tackling all matters related to disasters. He earned his PhD on emergency management from New Zealand in 2020.