NonserviaM lifts heavy metal higher

By Marco Ferrarese

August 2014 REVIEW
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Positive changes are revolutionizing the Malaysian heavy metal scene, and many bands are giving rock lovers something to jump about. Penang’s own NonserviaM, for example, has just released their excellent debut album, A Spectral Ascension.Non Serviam is the title of Greek black metal stalwarts Rotting Christ’s popular 1994 album, but there is no musical analogy between them and Penang’s melodic death metal combo, NonserviaM. Instead, the Malaysians might have decided to use the moniker to comply with the subcultural idea...

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Marco Ferrarese

is a musician, author and travel writer. He has written about overland travel and extreme music in Asia, and blogs at He also curates the Penang Insider, the smart guide for traveling and living in Penang, at His latest book, The Travels of Marco Yolo, is available in bookstores. Follow him on Twitter @monkeyrockworld.