Applause for the Penang budget model

By Kim Khaira, Tan Pek Leng

August 2014 FEATURE
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A budgeting process that is more gender sensitive and inclusive can become a reality as Penang takes steps in that direction.Regina Frey, head of the Gender Bureau, Berlin, Germany.The “People Oriented Model” of Gender Responsive Participatory Budgeting (GRPB), conceived and put into practice in Penang two years ago, created a buzz at an international conference here recently. The reason: “Participatory budgeting (PB) is not necessarily gendered, and gender budgeting (GB) is not necessarily participatory,” as Dr Regina Frey, head of...

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Kim Khaira

is the Gender Policy and Advocacy (GPA) officer for PWDC. She holds a degree in Political Science, has an interest in Political Philosophy and Comparative Politics, and took English Literature as a minor subject.

Tan Pek Leng

has vast experience in gender-related research and institutional management. She has been commissioned by the PWDC, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (MWFDC) and the UNDP, among others, to undertake a number of research consultancies. Tan holds a BA from Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and MA from Columbia University, New York.