Heritage kept right

By Julia Tan, Yap Jo-Yee

August 2014 FEATURE
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Two men share a quiet moment in one of the back lanes of George Town. The unseen heritage of the city is just as important as the tangible heritage.
When it comes to heritage conservation, strictly maintaining an old building’s infrastructure is not enough. One must ensure that the essence, or the unseen heritage, remains preserved.On July 7, 2008 George Town was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Since then, things in the city have became busier, louder, artsier and, to the chagrin of some, more “Disney-fied”.Evidently, the tourism industry was the first to benefit from all this. Curious tourists swarm George Town’s little alleys and lanes looking...

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Julia Tan

went to primary and secondary school at Convent Pulau Tikus before continuing sixth form at St. Xavier’s Institution; any other school was out of the question. She misses the fried rice at the school canteen, and laments the passing of the wan tan mee lady.

Yap Jo-Yee

is a research analyst at Penang Institute whose interests range from development issues to behavioural economics. Her latest goal is to use ggplot2 without Google’s help.