The beat of our souls: Kuda Kepang and the spiritual self

By Cheryl J Hoffmann

August 2014 PHOTO ESSAY
main image
The flat, stylised horse of the Kuda Kepang is a well-touted symbol of Malaysian culture. There are two very large ones on the wall of the Johor Bahru airport to greet visitors. For Malaysians generally, this traditional symbol comes complete with recollections of an affable dance, some young people in colourful costumes and the pleasant enough sounds of gongs dinging and donging. Agreeably Malaysian.The more complex rituals of the Kuda Kepang, as practiced by skilled performers, go beyond the colour...

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Cheryl J Hoffmann

is a global freelance photographer, an historical geographer and a friend of Malaysia. “Jalan-jalan cari Datuk” is her personal twist on the very Malaysian pastime of going out to eat, which she enjoys almost as much as encountering the Datuk. She has exhibited her images in Malaysia and Canada, including OF THIS PLACE as part of George Town Festival 2017. Her works can be seen at: