A chance to confront death

By Julia Tan

August 2014 FEATURE
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Nothing in life is more certain than death and taxes – the quote itself goes back to the 18th century – but while taxeswe can deal with, death is something rather hushhush. To performance artist Soonufat Supramaniam though, it’s a topic that needs exploring.August is usually a month full of taboos for many superstitious Malaysian Chinese. That’s when the Gates of Hell open for a whole month. During the Hungry Ghost Festival, spirits roam the earth. Entertainment for these spirits...

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Julia Tan

went to primary and secondary school at Convent Pulau Tikus before continuing sixth form at St. Xavier’s Institution; any other school was out of the question. She misses the fried rice at the school canteen, and laments the passing of the wan tan mee lady.