Is Lenggong the next hot tourist spot?

By Julia Tan, Photography STRC USM

December 2014 ADVERTORIAL
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View of Raban Lake.
It’s not easy promoting and packaging a place as a tourism destination, even if an 11,000-yearold skeleton – the oldest in Malaysia – had been found there. That is what USM’s Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster and Centre for Archaeological Research has to do.Most Malaysians would have heard of Lembah Bujang and its Hindu-Buddhist settlement that goes back to possibly as early as the year 110, but what about its lesser-known and much older historical counterpart, Lenggong Valley? While it is...

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Julia Tan

Julia "Bubba" Tan is editor of Penang Monthly and Head of Penang Institute's Publishing Unit. Some of her earliest memories are of her running rampant in her grandfather's garden.

Photography STRC USM