Revolutionising cancer detection, one gene at a time

By Julia Tan

April 2015 HEALTH
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Osel Clinic on Macalister Road.
Prof Datuk Dr Choong-Chin Liew has many feathers in his cap – studying under one of the co-founders of insulin being one of them. Liew is perhaps most famously known for being a pioneer in the field of molecular medicine and as a leader in tissue-specific functional genomics.And last February, he added yet another milestone to his achievements: the opening of the GeneNews Diagnostics research and development facility. This facility, of which Liew is chairman and chief scientist, is in...

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Julia Tan

Julia "Bubba" Tan is editor of Penang Monthly and Head of Penang Institute's Publishing Unit. Some of her earliest memories are of her running rampant in her grandfather's garden.