Quick guide to a green life

By Pamela Nowicka

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A lot of us want to do something to help the environment. Maybe we’re concerned about what’s in our food, toiletries or cosmetics. Malaysians, as relatively new entrants into the consumerism fray, are very much at the mercy of transnational corporations (TNC). In Europe and the US, there are legislations on labelling, public debates on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and local action on everything from road-building to safer roads for cyclists. In Malaysia, this is not the case.Penangites, with their...

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Pamela Nowicka

An author and award-winning documentary maker with the BBC, Pamela Nowicka has been an evangelist for green issues for over three decades. As an investigative journalist she has written environmental and social justice stories for The Guardian, The Independent and The Times.