The renewal of Butterworth continues

By Marco Ferrarese

December 2015 FEATURE
main image
A view of the Star on the opening night in Raja Uda, Butterworth.
Art Festival Urban Xchange brings a motley cast of local and international artists back into town. The goal? Promote awareness through art, and present Seberang Perai with the gift of a giant LED star.First of all, art is creation. A meaningful passage between the inner sensibilities of an artist and the outer world. A process that leads individuals to unleash their personal vision, to give birth to their deepest feelings and ideas – the seductive thrill of invention.That was what...

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Marco Ferrarese

is a musician, author and travel writer. He has written about overland travel and extreme music in Asia, and blogs at He also curates the Penang Insider, the smart guide for traveling and living in Penang, at His latest book, The Travels of Marco Yolo, is available in bookstores. Follow him on Twitter @monkeyrockworld.